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SHAMILY BUSINESS CORPORATE SERVICES, provides license deregistration (cancellation) services and company liquidation services to businesses looking to dissolve their operations. These services are designed to assist clients with the legal processes involved in shutting down their business in compliance with the regulations and requirements of the relevant authorities. The license deregistration service offered ensures that all licenses and permits required for the operation of a business are cancelled, and any outstanding taxes and fees are settled before the company is formally dissolved or has ownership transferred. This service is ideal for businesses looking to wind up their operations in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition, SHAMILY BUSINESS CORPORATE SERVICES also offers comprehensive company liquidation services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. This service includes the preparation of all necessary documents and filings, as well as the management of all aspects of the liquidation process, including the realization of assets, settlement of liabilities, and distribution of any remaining funds to shareholders. The company's team of experienced professionals provides personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth and successful liquidation. With these services, SHAMILY BUSINESS CORPORATE SERVICES is committed to helping businesses dissolve their operations in a hassle-free and legally compliant manner.