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Welcome to our secure and streamlined online payment gateway. At SHAMILY BUSINESS, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless and efficient payment experience for our valued customers. You can rest assured that your transactions are protected, ensuring utmost confidentiality. Embracing convenience and reliability, our platform empowers you to effortlessly settle payments with just a few clicks, making your financial interactions swift and hassle-free. Thank you for choosing SHAMILY BUSINESS, where trust and excellence converge to redefine your payment journey.


We at SHAMILY BUSINESS are committed to delivering excellent services to our valued clients in the UAE. This Refund Policy governs the refund process for Service Fees and Value-Added Services Fees collected by SHAMILY BUSINESS. This policy does not apply to registration fees, visa fees, legalization fees and fees for other sundry government services involved. The afore mentioned fees are subject to the discretion of the respective government agencies.

Before engaging our services, we encourage all applicants to carefully read and familiarize themselves with this Refund Policy. By using our services, you, the Applicant, acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the SHAMILY BUSINESS’ Refund Policy.


Applicant” refers to any person requesting and / or purchasing the Services and / or Value – Added Services or applying for a visa.

Application” pertains to an application form duly completed and submitted to SHAMILY BUSINESS by the Applicant or their authorized representative for the provision of Services and / or Value-Added Services.

Government” refers to the relevant government and /or government agencies. “Issuer” refers to the bank or entity who has issued the Applicant’s credit or debit card.

Refund Eligibility Criteria” specifies the conditions outlined in this section for refund requests.

Refund Request Form” is the form provided by SHAMILY BUSINESS for submitting refund requests along with supporting documents which may be completed and submitted online.

Service Fees” refers to the fees payable by the Applicant for the Services purchased in accordance with the Services Terms and Conditions.

"Services” include visa processing services and other services offered by SHAMILY BUSINESS.

"Transaction Charges" encompass any fees levied by banks or financial institutions for processing refund requests to the Applicant.

Value Added Services" encompass optional value-added or premium services offered on SHAMILY BUSINESS's website.

Value Added Services Fee” denotes the fees payable by the Applicant for the purchased Value- Added Services in accordance with SHAMILY BUSINESS Website Terms and Conditions.

SHAMILY BUSINESS” means SHAMILY BUSINESS CORPORATE SERVICES, or any of its subsidiaries, associate or affiliate or group companies.

Fees” means the fees charged by the relevant government agencies or governments for issuing a certificate, license, registration, visa, etc. to an Applicant.

"Website" represents the SHAMILY BUSINESS website.

"Website Terms and Conditions" pertain to the terms and conditions applicable to and posted on the SHAMILY BUSINESS Website.

General Refund Conditions

1. All applicants must review the SHAMILY BUSINESS website to access and understand the Refund Policy.

2. Service Fees and Value-Added Services Fees may be refundable as per the terms outlined herein, provided the Applicant has made the relevant payments. Refund requests must strictly adhere to the Refund Eligibility Criteria.

3. The Refund Policy is subject to the laws of the country where the Services are provided.

4. Refunds for Service Fees and Value-Added Services Fees will be considered only if the Applicant meets the Refund Eligibility Criteria. SHAMILY BUSINESS reserves the right to decline refund requests at its sole discretion.

5. To apply for a refund, the Applicant must complete and submit the Refund Request Form with all supporting documents online.

6. SHAMILY BUSINESS will process refund requests as soon as reasonably practicable, with response times varying based on the payment method and reasons for the request.Applicants will be notified of the outcome within the timelines specified in the Refund Processing Timelines.

7. The approval of refunds for Service Fees is not guaranteed upon submission of the Refund Request Form, as SHAMILY BUSINESS may exercise its discretion to approve or reject the request.

8. The Applicant is solely responsible for any Transaction Charges, exchange rate fluctuations, bank charges, or administrative fees incurred during the refund process, and such amounts will be deducted from the refundable amount.

9. The Applicant is solely responsible for any Transaction Charges, exchange rate fluctuations, bank charges, or administrative fees incurred during the refund process, and such amounts will be deducted from the refundable amount.

Refund Eligibility Criteria

The Services must be cancelled at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled appointment date for a service, with proof of the cancellation submitted along with the Refund Request Form. All requests for Refunds shall only be accepted and considered if a Refund Request Form is submitted online by an Applicant within 30 days from the date of the cancellation of the Applicant’s appointment for a service. Refunds shall be subject to the terms herein including SHAMILY BUSINESS’s data retention obligations to the respective Government.

If the Applicant has been charged multiple times for the same service or has paid an excess amount, a refund may be claimed with appropriate proof.

Refunds will not be granted and requests will be declined under the following circumstances:

1. The Applicant has partially utilized the Service.

2. The Applicant has missed the scheduled appointment and is not entitled to an alternative appointment for the same application.

3. The Applicant is delayed for the appointment, and no alternative time is available on the same day.

4. The Applicant's application is incomplete, lacks necessary documents, or has an incorrect visa category, and an alternative appointment is not available.

5. The Applicant decides not to proceed with their application.

6. The Applicant fails to cancel their appointment within the specified timeframes.

7. The Applicant selects the incorrect Visa Application Centre location, resulting in an inability to proceed with the appointment.

Refund Processing Timeline

A Refund of Service Fees or Value-Added Services Fee may be processed within fifteen (15) working days from the date of notifying the Applicant of the refund decision.

Receiving your Refund

Refunds will be processed using the same payment mode used for Services or Value-Added Services. For example, if payment was made with a credit or debit card, the refund will also be made to the same credit or debit card.

If SHAMILY BUSINESS is unable to process a refund via the original mode, an alternate mode of payment will be communicated to the Applicant for processing the refund.

For payments made via debit or credit cards, the time taken for the Refund amount to be credited to the Applicant's card will depend on the card issuer.We aim to provide a seamless and fair refund process to ensure your satisfaction with our services. For any inquiries or assistance with the refund process, our dedicated team is ready to assist you promptly. Thank you for choosing SHAMILY BUSINESS as your trusted partner for comprehensive business services in the UAE.